Digital Wealth Management

Empower advisors and clients with wealth insights and advisory in real-time

Digital Customer Experience

Develop a seamless hyper-personalised customer journey roadmap across multi-channels

Consulting Services

Future-proof your business with our industry domain knowledge

Digital Wealth Management

Managing wealth, made easy. This comprehensive platform comes with real-time insights and analytics and complete portfolio performance at one glance to meet all financial goals

  • Most comprehensive digital wealth platform, ease of integration, and wide financial products range (Unit Trust, Structured Deposits, Bond, Shares, Equities, Life Insurance Policies, Investment-linked insurance plans, Hedge Funds, Structured Notes, Dual Currency Investments, Futures, FX Forwards, Bancassurance Equities, CFD, Fixed Income, Pension Fund etc.)
  • Flexible business model caters to your business model; be it B-to-B, B-to-C, or by AUM
  • Unparallel features and functionalities embedded with state of art Robo-advisory, real-time analytics, artificial intelligence
  • Empower advisors and self-service clients with wealth insights and advisory in real-time
  • Dynamic dashboard for management, advisors, and clients with a 360-degree view of an investment portfolio, client management, and business performance across all demographics at one glance
  • Backed by a panel of domain knowledge of wealth expertise whom you can trust

Self-serve client’s investment portfolio at one glance; equipped with AI and robo-advisory in  meeting financial goals

Advisors empowered with 360 degree view of accounts, investment, market insights and performance management to make sound recommendations to clients

Management’s real time dashboard about performance by demographics such as country, products, AUM, agencies and so on, filtered to specificity to stay ahead of the business

Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer and hyper-personalization experience that helps you understand customers by deploying strategic plans that enable cross-functional efforts and a customer-centric culture to improve satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

  • Fully Digital experience and exclusively focused on touch points driven by digital technologies
  • Frictionless, engaging, and hyper-personalized end-to-end journey
  • Seamless, intuitive and omnichannel experience
  • Packaged through best practices and continuous improvement across the business

Customer onboarding in just minutes with full Singpass integration

A step-by-step approach in defining own financial planning, journey, setting goals, eKYC & risk profiling

Contact nearby advisors in real-time removing the hassle of waiting and queuing

Speak with advisors live for all your financial needs, 24/7

Liveness check and ease of  verification brings about a new level of customer experience in onboarding


From ideation to strategic planning for execution.

  • Thought leaders with a bold and strategic vision to challenge the conventions and capitalize on the full potential of technology
  • Deep Industry expertise and focused functional knowledge
  • Bringing technological expertise, a global perspective, and the ability to deliver
  • Improve your business efficiency by planning, prioritizing, and guiding your digital transformation initiatives
  • Leading expertise from consultants, analysts to architect to chart your transformation journey

Customised to your business needs

Our hyper-personalised digital solutions will drive your business growth.